2015 CBSSports Big Blue Draft Review: ROUND 3

cropped-Post-2-1.jpegWe will now take a final look at Round 3, which signals the end of the 1st part of your draft.  Outside of QB, it is very tough to find big 150+ point players after this.  They exist, but you can’t depend on it.  If you want to know how your fantasy team is going to do this year, look no further than the first three picks.



Round 3 Selections:

25. RB-Lamar Miller (Miami):  Team KK
26. QB-Peyton Manning (Denver):  Team JW
27. WR-Julian Edelman (New England):  Team FI
28. WR-Brandin Cooks (New Orleans):  Team CC
29. WR-Emmanuel Sanders (Denver):  Team 13
30. RB-Mark Ingram (New Orleans):  FANTASY WARRIOR
31. WR-TY Hilton (Indianapolis):  Team DI
32. RB-Frank Gore (Indianapolis):  Team LA
33. WR-Andre Johnson (Indianapolis):  Team GO
34. TE-Jimmy Graham (New Orleans):  Team RS
35. RB-Alfred Morris (Washington):  Team SP
36. TE-Greg Olsen (Carolina):  Team TB

OVERVIEW:  4 RB’s, 5 WR’s, 2 TE’s, 1 QB.  Running Backs start to thin out and the Wide Receivers now go quickly.  It is part of the reason I really like the WR early strategy, it allows you to pick against the norm.  Round 3 is always the “hit or miss” round.  There are rarely medicore picks here.  It is either the top players at a position, or questionable later echelon players who could go bust.  Mark Ingram was fantastic value for me, as he got double digit point in 6 of the first 8 weeks (one week was 9 points).  He was a top 5 fantasy running back for the first half of the season.  Tremendous value.  Lamar Miller ended up as the #6 RB in standard scoring, which was skewed by some huge games (17, 35, 25, 20).  Edelman was great all year until the Week 10 injury and had 7 touchdowns which was more than Demaryious Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, and Amari Cooper in full seasons.  The Luck injury hurt Hilton and Gore, and Andre Johnson was the 2nd worst pick of round.  Only trailing Peyton, who finished as the #33 QB and behind Nick Foles.  Can you imagine if I told you that after Team JW made that pick???

SKINNY:  The first three rounds are incredibly important.  You need to make solid picks and minimize risk.  The most points in our league scored by their respective first three picks were Team 13 (672 points), Team Fantasy Warrior (534 points), Team KK (372 points), and Team SP (359 points).  The last three teams all made the four team playoff battle, with Team 13 being skewed because of the Aaron Rodgers selection.  You…must…nail…the…first…three…rounds.  Minimize risk and choose high floor players.

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