2015 CBSSports Big Blue Draft Review: ROUND 2


The key to fantasy football is making sure you get two quality players in the first three rounds.  To take a step further,  you cannot “bonk” on your first two picks.  You will be way behind the top teams, and be scouring the waiver wire constantly which will make your fantasy season a nonstop battle.  Just not the way I want to play. For most of you reading this, the demands of life (job, kids, etc), will make it very essential to make your free time “fantasy efficient.”  Let’s take a closer look at the Big Blue league Round 2 selections:

Round 2 Selections

13.   QB-Andrew Luck (Indianapolis):  Team TB
14.   WR-Demaryius Thomas (Denver):  Team SP
15.   RB-LeSean McCoy (Buffalo):  Team RS
16.   RB-Matt Forte (Chicago):  Team GO
17.   WR-AJ Green (Cincinnati):  Team LA
18.   RB-Justin Forsett (Baltimore):  DI
19.   WR-Julio Jones (Atlanta):  Team FANTASY WARRIOR
20.  QB-Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay):  Team 13
21.   WR-Randall Cobb (Green Bay):  Team CC
22.   RB-Latavius Murray (Oakland):  Team FI
23.   RB-Melvin Gordon (San Diego):  Team JW
24.   WR-Calvin Johnson (Detroit):  Team KK

OVERVIEW: Five RB’s, five WR’s, two QB’s.  Round 2 is always the “Separation Round.”  If you nailed Round 1, this can put you in the upper echelon of the the league.  If you missed on Round 1, you really need a strong pick here.  Going QB was mistake and Team TB and Team 13 paid for it dearly.  Unlucky Horseshoe Award goes to Team CC, as picking the #1 WR on Green Bay (with Nelson injured) should have been an automatic great selection.  Team JW made an awful pick with Melvin Gordon at #23, as rookie RB’s almost never pan out and Gordon had Danny Woodhead to contend with all year.  Julio was a home run for me as the “X” receiver in Shanahan’s offense, just insane value as the #2 WR with the 19th overall pick.

SKINNY:  This gave me a huge advantage as one of the few people to get a quality player in this round.  AJ Green (#8 WR overall) was certainly solid for team LA at the #17 spot, but just like Calvin Johnson, he always has those “scratch your head” stretches.  From Week 4 to Week 11 (including a bye), AJ Green had ONE week with double digit fantasy points.  That’s one week out of eight.  Aaron Rodgers (QB #7 overall) is always a solid pick, and Team 13 loved the 28, 25 and 44 point start to the season (he went 2-1 in this stretch).  But with QB, there are so many others that you can take later that can get near the same production.  If you take Rodgers here, he’s gotta have a monster (40+ TD) year.  His 31 TD’s and 8 INT’s just doesn’t justify the selection here.

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