2015 CBSSports Big Blue Draft Review: ROUND 1

Post 2“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”  -Edmund Burke


Very true statement by a great British philosopher.  The first step in preparing for the upcoming season is to review your drafts from last year.  I will start today with one of my CBS leagues:  12 teams, 3 WRs, no Flex, no PPR, all TD’s worth 6 points.  Let us take a closer look at exactly how Round 1 went down.

Round 1 Selections:

  1.  RB-Le’Veon Bell (Pittsburgh):  Team KK
  2.  RB-Marshawn Lynch (Seattle):  Team JW
  3.  RB-Eddie Lacy (Green Bay):  Team FI
  4.  RB-Jamaal Charles (Kansas City):  Team CC
  5.  RB-Adrian Peterson (Minnesota):  Team 13
  6.  WR-Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh):  FANTASY WARRIOR
  7.  RB-CJ Anderson (Denver):  Team DI
  8.  WR-Dez Bryant (Dallas):  Team LA
  9.  TE-Rob Gronkowski (New England):  Team GO
  10.  RB-Jeremy Hill (Cincinnati):  Team RS
  11.  WR-Odell Beckham (NY Giants):  Team SP
  12.  WR-DeMarco Murray (Philadelphia):  Team TB

OVERVIEW:  Seven RB’s, four WR, and one TE.  Reasonable names picked across the board and notice no QB’s.  Given the 6 points per passing touchdown, it was tempting to go Luck or Rodgers but that would clearly have been a mistake.  QB is the deepest position and a few years ago you could justify taking a QB because they were automatic and fairly better than the rest of the field.  However, that is just not true anymore.  These were pretty much the top twelve guys drafted, with the exception of Murray who usually went after Matt Forte.

SKINNY:  The top performers from this round in relation to their corresponding position were: Peterson (RB #2), Brown (WR #1), Gronkowski (TE #1), and Beckham (WR #5).    Those teams were clearly off to a great start.

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